The Zetco Under-sink Manifold – Cash-back Promotion

The easiest $50 you’ll ever make

Why Zetco Manifolds make a plumber’s job easier

After launching a great innovation for under sink plumbing, we’ve realised you’ve probably been too busy to try the Zetco 2-Way and 3-Way under-sink manifolds. So we are going to pay you to try it out.

These things are fantastic! They save you time, occupy less space under the sink, need no thread tape, and provide separate isolation valves for mixer-tap, dishwasher, and filter tap (if you need one).

Here’s how it works

Buy TWO 3-Way under-sink manifolds on the same order, send us the receipt and we’ll send you back a VISA card with $50 pre-loaded. (TWO 2-Way under-sink manifolds – $30).

It’s that easy!

But your plumbing shop might need to order it in from Zetco (we will dispatch it the same day – it will arrive 1 to 2 days tops)!

Zetco Manifold Product Order Codes:

  • 2-Way Manifold 15X15 – 1382033
  • 2-Way Manifold 15X20 – 1382034
  • 3-Way Manifold 15X15X20 -1383433

How to claim your cashback

Claiming your cash is easy!

Simply favourite this page and after you’ve purchased your manifolds, you can come back to fill out the form below, upload a copy of your receipt and we’ll send your VISA card out to you.

Remember, for each redemption you just need to purchase two manifolds in the same order. For example, if you buy two, 3-Way manifolds in November, and two 3-Way manifolds in December, you can qualify for 2 VISA cards, earning yourself the quickest $100 you’ve ever made!

Redemption Form

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Max. file size: 64 MB.
Terms and Conditions:
1. This promotion is valid for all manifolds purchased from 03/11/2023
2. Gift cards will be sent via SMS or email so please ensure your redemption form is completed accurately. Once we process your VISA cards, we will be unable to cancel or make any changes to your details.
3. All qualifying manifold purchases must be placed in the same order. For example, if you buy 1 manifold tomorrow and 3 manifolds next week, you can’t combine the orders to redeem 2 VISA cards.
4. A maximum of 2 redemptions can be made per person across the duration of the promotion.
5. Purchases of a 2-Way manifold and a 3-Way manifold in the same order will qualify for a $30 VISA card.
Zetco agrees to keep all submitted details confidential within its corporate IT systems and redemption contractor.
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