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Zetco WaterMarked Stainless Steel Flanges

For the Australian mining, oil and gas industries, stainless steel flanged isolation valves are increasingly the preferred option due to their long-term performance in terms of corrosion resistance and reliability. The transition away from cast and ductile iron valves and towards stainless steel valves has seen an increased range of valve options. If you are looking for high quality valves for the oil, gas, or mining industries, you may want to consider Zetco’s flanged stainless steel isolation valves.

The Zetco range is designed to meet the specific needs of these critical sectors, offering:

  • Certifications to meet resource industry requirements
  • Ability to supply with short lead times (inventory in Australia)
  • Wide range of types, sizes, and flange configurations
  • Technical specifications
  • Product customisation

If you are looking for high quality valves for the oil, gas, or mining industries, you may want to consider Zetco’s flanged stainless steel isolation valves.

Zetco WaterMarked Manifolds

Zetco’s unique innovative 2-Way and 3-Way Manifolds have been meticulously designed and constructed for use with kitchen or laundry under-sink applications. These manifolds connect via a loose nut to a 19BP outlet, which enables the isolation of individual connected lines.

Following installation, appliances such as dishwashers, sinks, water filters or washing machines can be independently hooked up or detached. This unique feature negates the need to shut down the main supply or any other connected devices. Zetco’s Manifolds ensure a high degree of flexibility and control, significantly streamlining plumbing maintenance tasks by eliminating the necessity to connect multiple fittings such as tees, with no need to use thread tape. This design reduces potential leakage points, optimises installation efficiency and requires less under-sink space.

Series 1382

Zetco WaterMarked 2-Way Manifold

Series 1383

Zetco WaterMarked 3-Way Manifold

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5. Purchases of a 2-Way manifold and a 3-Way manifold in the same order will qualify for a $30 VISA card.
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  • What are flanged stainless steel isolation valves?

    Flanged stainless steel isolation valves control the flow of fluids and gases in pipelines by opening or closing a ball, gate, or disc. They have a stainless steel flange that connects to the pipeline with bolts, creating a secure and leak-proof joint. The flange also allows for easy installation and removal of the valves when needed. These valves are suitable for harsh and demanding environments, such as those in the mining, oil & gas industries, where they need to withstand corrosion, high pressure, and high temperatures. They also provide a manual control mechanism enabling operators to isolate parts of pipelines or equipment for maintenance, repairs, or emergencies, reducing downtime and ensuring uninterrupted industrial processes. Ancillary valves that complement isolation valves such as check, foot valves and Y- strainers are also available. Isolation valves are often installed in conjunction with these types of valves to allow for quick maintenance.

  • What is a Plumbing Manifold?

    An under-sink plumbing manifold is often an understated component of a good plumbing system. It manages the water flow from a single source, dividing it into two or three different outlets for kitchen appliances. Zetco’s 2 and 3-way manifolds offer a simple way to control water distribution, making sure each appliance has a steady water supply. One key feature of Zetco’s manifolds is the option to manually shut off each individual outlet. This means you don’t have to shut off the main water supply, and other appliances and water outlets can keep running as usual. Installed under the kitchen sink, the manifold’s outlets are commonly configured to control a combination of water flow to your kitchen tap, water filter system, dishwasher or water inlet to a fridge ice-maker. Built-in non-return valves add to the performance of this all-in-one manifold. With their easy installation and strong performance, Zetco’s plumbing manifolds are a top choice for a solid plumbing system.

  • Why are Plumbing Manifolds great for plumbers?

    Zetco’s plumbing manifolds, designed and engineered in Australia, are manufactured to match the needs of plumbers. Wanting to produce a product by plumbers, for plumbers, we carried out extensive research and conducted a range of workshops with local plumbers to develop the perfect under-sink manifold! Allowing for a quick and straightforward installation, while offering excellent and dependable performance for the homeowner, Zetco’s 2-way and 3-way under sink manifolds were launched. Why are Zetco’s manifolds a top choice for plumbers? Firstly, the need for plumbing tape is removed thanks to the loose nut and integral check valve design features. This ensures installation is quicker and helps you to move onto the next job faster. The ability to manually shut off each outlet independently is also beneficial, particularly for plumbers working in residential construction. Since kitchen appliances often arrive at different times throughout the construction process, Zetco’s manifold gives plumbers the ability to simply close unused outlets until required. This feature reduces the risk of potential leaks or water damage compared to traditional capping methods. Lastly, the compact size and nut & tail connection make the manifold easy to install, even in small or tricky under-sink spaces.