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Zetco’s WaterMarked Manifold Valves

Plumbers spend a lot of their time working in tight spots.

A common requirement is connecting the kitchen sink water supply valve to the mixing tap, dishwasher, and potentially a water filter tap or a fridge with integrated ice dispenser.

This often requires making up a complicated arrangement of T-pieces, joiners and valves with thread tape at every joint. This is time consuming and creates many potential failure points.

Spaces under sinks are tight, requiring working at below waist height, and often reaching into awkward spots whilst holding tools and components; anything that makes that job easier is worth looking at.

Under kitchen sink image of hand reaching for Zetco 3-way manifold

An engineered multi-outlet isolation valve

The Zetco WaterMarked manifold (available in 2 or 3 outlet configurations) overcomes these problems by providing a ready-made valve with a loose nut connecting a single inlet to multiple lines.

The Manifold features a ball valve dedicated to each outlet, allowing individual isolation of the attached appliances. In many second fix situations, the filter tap, and/or dishwasher are not yet on site, but with the Zetco WaterMarked manifold, the plumber can complete the job, leaving the sink operational and providing outlets to connect the dishwasher and filter tap later.

Future maintenance is made easier because each line can be quickly and easily isolated – perfect for filter changes and dishwasher servicing or change-outs.

Home and apartment owners will also appreciate the neater appearance under the sink with less cupboard space occupied by an unsightly nest of hoses, T-pieces and taps.

Robust WaterMarked design and manufactured to a high standard

Zetco WaterMarked Manifolds are engineered DZR brass valves, WaterMark approved to WMTS-012 (Licence WM-022988) and feature a ½” swivel nut water inlet connector and two or three male threaded outlets in different size combinations.

Manufactured in Italy under ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems with a forged dezincification resistant brass body, chrome plated manifold and levers, blow-out proof stems to prevent leakage, and integral non-return check valves with flow regulators to prevent reverse flow, all Zetco manifolds are tested during production to ensure the highest standards of quality and performance.

Industry wide adoption

The Zetco WaterMarked Manifold is quickly being adopted by the plumbing industry as a sensible alternative to conventional under-sink plumbing by saving time, reducing the risk of leaks, reclaiming space and providing improved control.

Builders and developers are also seeing the benefits when installing hundreds of kitchens and laundries in apartment blocks; the Zetco WaterMarked Manifold saves thousands of dollars in installation time.

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